Biographic Sketch

     My name is Gurleen Bath, this is my first year and actually my first semester at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I’m majoring in Economics and taking Sociology classes simply for person interest. I wish to seek more knowledge in the field of Sociology and Philosophy in the 4 years I am planning to stay here. As for my background, I’ve been born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia and currently live in the area of Queen Mary Park. I graduated from high school just this year in June from L.A Matheson Secondary. Being the oldest child in my family has always forced me to be independent as there is no older sibling to guide me or warn me about upcoming events, such as my first year in university. This class along with my other 2 classes this semester have been very surprising as they are nothing like the classes I have been used to taking in high school. I’m hoping this class will teach me not only the norms of university but the norms of society as well. I’m hoping for a great year at Kwantlen and a great semester in Sociology.